Friday, 10 August 2012

august beauty wish list.

e.l.f. khol eyeliner / MAC select cover-up concealer / burberry lip mist / MAC brush kit by Julie Verhoeven / NARS sheer matte foundation

Nearly every month, I find myself online looking into different beauty products that I’d like to try out, whether they are high end or drugstore products. This month I managed to narrow it down to just 5 products, and here’s why I’d like to try them:

1.       e.l.f. khol eyeliner – In terms of eye makeup, day to day, all I really wear is eyeliner and mascara so I’m on the hunt for a really intense black eyeliner. I need one that is creamy, easy to apply, and lasts for the day.

2.       MAC select cover-up concealer (NW45) – A good concealer is something that really completes my look as I have quite a few dark spots that I need to cover. I’m searching for a full coverage concealer that looks natural and is easy to blend.

3.       Burberry lip mist – This is just me being curious, but I really just want to try out a lip product by Burberry. I feel like because of the price and the popularity of the brand it will give excellent results.

4.       MAC brush kit – I don’t own any MAC brushes but I’ve read and watched so many great reviews about them. With this ‘Illustrated’ collection set by Julie Verhoeven, I feel like I would be getting excellent value for money…5 MAC brushes for £39.50! I’m going to assume they are not full size brushes, but I still think this is a good deal.

5.       NARS sheer matte foundation – I am a huge fan of foundation that leaves a dewy finish, but as my skin appears to be getting oilier, I’d like to try one that is specially made to leave a matte finish. I’m also going to use this as an opportunity to try out a NARS foundation as I’ve never done so before.    

 Be sure to click the links above to check out each product.

Do you have or have you ever tried any of these products? What are your views on them? Should I go ahead with my purchases?

Looking forward to your comments, jayj x.


  1. Hey, welcome to blogging! :-). The MAC Brushes that come in sets are not handmade like the individual brushes that are expensive (in case you don't know). The Burberry lip mist is quite moisturizing too, xoxo. Please have a look at my blog if you have the time

    1. thank you :)
      oh I see, have you ever tried the brushes? are they good quality?
      thanks for being my first follower :) and will do.
      jayj x.

    2. Hey, I have individual ones and travel sized ones, the individual ones feel softer and you can blend the make up better, but the travel sized ones are not bad quality and a great start, better then high street make-up brands in my opinion xx.