Friday, 24 May 2013

ps beauty - the beauty matchmaker.

I love making new discoveries online that can benefit me in many ways, and this website is most definitely one of those kinds of discoveries.

PS Beauty is a new website so it's not entirely up and running yet, but you are able to see what the website does and sample it for yourself before they launch completely. Long story short, they take your beauty profile and tell you what the best products for you will be.

Perfect right? thoughts exactly.

As a fellow beauty junkie, there are so many different skincare and makeup brands and products that I hear of and simply want to try. First things first, it is a struggle on my pockets because I simply cannot afford every product that I want to try. Secondly, what works for someone else may not particularly work for me, so I take the risk of buying a product that may not be right for my skin type. This is where PS Beauty steps in, as they are able to take information about you as well as products you may have previously tried, and give you personalised results as to the products that will work for you. This way, there's no huge risk involved, and you save yourself from buying everything that's available on the market.

I was able to sign up and try for myself, specifically for choosing the right foundation for me, so I took a few screen shots to show you what I mean. (I stupidly forgot to take screen shots as I was doing the beauty profile, but you see my answers in the final shot.

After I filled in my beauty profile, I was also able to select which foundations I had previously tried and say what I thought of them.

It then takes your answers and generates products specifically for you. You also get more than one answer, so you're not stuck with just one, you have options.

On the right are my answers to my beauty profile. Here you are able to get as much information on the products that were chosen for you, including price, and there is also a direct link to buy the product, saving you time and effort.

I personally cannot wait until the whole site is up and running so I can see what kind of results it will generate for moisturisers, toners, body lotions etc.

What are your thoughts? Will this stop you from sampling everything out there that is available? Do you think the products chosen are actually the right ones for you?

my name is jayjay and I'm a beauty junkie..."hi jayjay" x.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

quick nail post #8.

 I decided to experiment with my nails a little bit this time around and go with a multi-coloured manicure. I love the way it turned out and I will most definitely be doing this with a mixture of different colours...I may even make this a little series on here.

I used a range of my favourite brands to achieve this look and my Seche Vite and Nails Inc. top coats helped to give them a glossy finish.

 barry M - watermelon / barry M - prickly pear / essie - school of hard rocks / nails inc. - westminster / barry M - cobalt blue

Have you tried any multi-coloured manicures? Show me! (link your blog, instagram, twitter etc. below!!)

never scared to be different, jayj x.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

layering bracelets featuring Tresor Paris.

Long time no see! I won't bore you with my life and university details, but what you do need to know is...I'm back!

and now, back to our regular scheduled programming...

Anyone that knows me knows that my favourite kind of accessory is jewellery. I have always been a fan of jewellery, and now even more so because I work in a jewellery store, but I find that it is the simplest yet most stylish thing that can complete any look. The type of jewellery that you wear and the way in which you wear it can tell a lot about your personal style. Some people like to be quite basic with their jewellery and simply wear minimal and small pieces. Then there are those like me who like to pile on the bracelets, the necklaces and the rings and really make a statement with their jewellery.

I got the chance to see some of the new ranges that Tresor Paris have launched...and oh my, I got so much inspiration!!

 The layering trend is one that has become quite popular in fashion in the past year, and I think it translates the best when it comes to jewellery, especially on your wrists. You are able to take a ton of bracelets and stack them on your wrists along with any watches or bands that you wear. Your arm is not the first thing that people see when they look at you so I find this to be a subtle but pronounced way of showing off your favourite jewellery.

 I then got some people and some bracelets and started stacking!

What's your favourite kind of jewellery to layer? Are you a fan of the crystal bracelets by Tresor Paris?

always stacking, jayj x.