Monday, 26 November 2012

tresor paris watches.

Tresor Paris is probably most known for their famous beaded bracelets that hit the scenes by storm not too long ago and became a phenomenon amongst celebrities and others alike. The brand is one from Hasbani, jewellery manufacturers best known for its diamonds, and it was created as an aid to separate diamonds and luxury jewellery, developing affordable luxury. These bracelets come in a wide variety of different colours, allowing you to choose your favourite colour or have a mix of them all. Using crystals to give them a true shine, Tresor Paris quickly became a brand so recognisable and appreciated by many.

Not too long ago, I was invited to attend a press day by Tresor Paris to preview their ISL watch collection, a first by the brand. I was filled with excitement to go, mostly because I love the look of their jewellery and I wanted to know how they would translate that excellence into timepieces.


It was no surprise that the first thing I saw was an array of hues. Coming in 13 different colours, these watches are definitely one that catches the eye, and not just with the colours, but the diamond in each watch face. Every watch is unique on its own, but Tresor Paris allows you to make your piece your own to suit your every style and every mood. Available in two different sizes, with interchangeable straps and bezels, every combination is exclusive.

ISL watches - £99 each

Depending on what you can afford or what you desire, you can opt for plain and simple bezels, ones covered in crystal, or for ultimate opulence, diamonds. They range from £30 to £3000, so it really is your choice.

These are the kind of watches that can be worn by many different types of people. Young people can adapt to it because of the colour range that is available, and older people can indulge on a stylish watch that can be made their own. Watches are an accessory, so there is no reason to limit what looks you can create with just one item.    

(Images courtesy of Stature PR)

They are available to buy at Ernest Jones, Fraser Hart, Beaverbrooks, and of course...Tresor Paris.
Are you a fan of these awesome watches? What colour would you buy?
ME - purple.

always on time, jayj x.

Monday, 19 November 2012

cadbury world.


After a very long time of wanting to go, my friend and I finally booked tickets to go Birmingham and visit Cadbury World. 
It was such an awesome experience! As well as free chocolate here and there, there were a couple of tours that told the story of how Cadbury first started, as well as an exhibition of how their chocolate is made. We also got to see the packaging plant (which smelt divine!) and had the opportunity to raid the gift shop and buy as much chocolate as our hearts desired.

WARNING: picture heavy post :)

It proved to be a really fun day out!

chocoholic, jayj x.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

harrods AW12 - disney princesses.

So when one of my closest friends told me about the current themes in the windows of Harrods, I knew I had to go and experience it for myself.
The Christmas windows are designer representations of all of our favourite Disney princesses. I love the concept as it is something that we all know so well and is automatically recognisable. They took the classic tales and made modern interpretations of them through fashion.

cinderella by versace
snow white by oscar de la renta
tiana by ralph and russo
mulan by missoni
pocahontas by roberto cavalli
ariel by marchesa
jasmin by escada
belle by valentino
rapunzel by jenny packham
 aurora (sleeping beauty) by elie saab

If you get the chance, I would recommend you go to Harrods on Brompton Road and see it for yourself. There is much detail in each window display and there is only so much a camera can capture. To read more about it and see more pictures and the original sketches, Vogue have a great post on their website.

Who is your favourite Disney princess? Which one is your favourite modern interpretation?

I grew up in the 90s, jayj x. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

new glasses.

So I recently received a pair of glasses from an online company called Firmoo, and after wearing them for a short while I have to say I love them!
large frames* - firmoo
For a long time now, I have wanted a pair of big, 'nerd' style glasses, but with my prescription in it so I would still be able to see! After seeing this website, I saw that as well as very reasonable prices, they had such a wide range of different glasses to choose from.

One feature that I loved about the website is the way in which you can search for different frames. As well as gender categories, you can search for particular styles of glasses, sizes, colours and materials. This just makes the process a lot easier, especially if you already know what types of glasses you tend to wear or are looking for. Also, as someone who has only ever bought glasses at a physical store, having a lot of information about the physical appearance of the frames is very helpful.
After ordering them, delivery only took 6 days! Considering they had to put my prescription into the lenses and everything, the speed is a major plus for me.
Although I wear my glasses all the time, I am not too keen on spending too much money on them as I can be quite clumsy with them sometimes, so I needed something simple, sturdy and reliable...perfect.

Firmoo is a company that offers its services for free as they have a first-time buyers program. This allows customers to own their first pair of glasses from Firmoo for free, only paying for the shipping.
I will most definitely be going back on this website as it seems they update their stock quite regularly. Next time...sunglasses maybe?

What's your favourite style of glasses? Where do you get yours from?

a fellow four-eyes, jayj x.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

the new iPad.

the new iPad 16GB wifi - £399

So it has probably been...two months since I have bought my iPad now, but I thought I'd share my little Apple journey with you. It's something that I had been thinking of buying for a little while, but I didn't think it was realistic and I couldn't find a genuine reason for me to have one. One reason is because I already have a laptop, and an iPhone. So since the iPad is practically between the two, I thought there may be no point.

Since starting this blog, I have become more of an ideas person. Someone who is constantly thinking and turning those thoughts into possible blog posts or features that I could write. At this point, I guess you could say I got a bit more serious with what it is I want to do with my life, and to show people that you want something, you've got to act like you've already got it...right?

I use my iPad as a professional tool to aid my career. There is so much I can do on it, from writing my blog posts on it (three guesses what I'm writing this on!), to checking all of my emails, applying to jobs and internships and completing any work or tasks.

It is my favourite electronic device and I am so glad I finally jumped on the wagon. I take it absolutely everywhere with me and any chance that I can get to use it, best believe I'm doing so!

Have any of you got an iPad? What do you do on yours?

the gadget fiend, jayj x.

ps. apologies for the lack of posts...I am slowly but surely returning to my regular schedule.