Monday, 28 January 2013

out with the with the new.

Shopping is most definitely my favourite hobby. Whether it’s a new top, jeans, jacket or shoes, I can always find an excuse to make a new addition to my wardrobe. It is so easy to shop nowadays too! Every store that I love has an online store, and not only that, but there are so many online stores that exist by themselves. This just gives me more options. I can always compare styles, colours, materials, sizes, and best of all, prices.

I find myself constantly accumulating things that I have bought and as I do so, I run out of space in my drawers and my wardrobe. Some people are like me, and therefore find new places to store things. For example, underneath my bed is the perfect place to keep shoes that only really come out on special occasions. And like me again, sooner or later, you find that this is simply ridiculous and you face the harsh reality that is…YOU HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES!

(cleaning my room - out with the old)

This is a harsh reality that none of us really want to face because as time passes we collect some unique clothes that we can never get again. On the other hand, we also collect some pieces that have simply gone out of style and that we will never wear again. When this is the case, this is when we know it is time to let them go. There are so many ways to get rid of clothes that you don’t want anymore, but I think for me, one of the best ways is getting cash for old clothes.

 (got some monies - in with the new)

This is simply because you can clear up all the clutter that is the big heap of clothes sitting on the floor in the corner of your room, and get some money for it. For me this is perfect, especially because I can sometimes have expensive taste and I constantly have my eye on designer handbags or shoes. I can put the cash that I get from selling some of my old clothes towards a more lavish purchase. 

There is no perfect time like the beginning of a new year to get rid of some of the clothes that you have had forever. So who’s with me…out with the old and in with the new?

a self-professed hoarder, jayj x.

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

a new year and a new style.

A guest post by Anya Sarre, one of Hollywood's most influential trendsetters. As a celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

With the new year barely off to a start, it's the perfect time for you to freshen up
your wardrobe and add the latest must have items to your clothing repertoire. So
many fun styles and trends on the pulse of the fashion world right now are easy
to incorporate with your current apparel, and there are tons of ideas to give one of
your fab friends a well-deserved treat for their birthday or a "just because you're
awesome" gift.

High style fashion for the New Year includes belted chiffon tunics, vibrantly colored
skinny jeans, boldly patterned pants, graphic tees, leather skirts and cable knit
sweaters. High low hems on tops and skirts are all the rage, as well as accenting
with leopard print through scarves, jackets or leggings. Sequins and studs are in
vogue on any part of your outfit, and the pairing of boots and leggings is still hot.
These stunning ensemble pieces and accessories can be found at retail stores like
Forever 21 and H&M, or online at StyleMint and Stella & Dot.

Chic footwear this New Year is comprised of bohemian style, suede fringe boots,
sparkly, sky-high heels, booties, gilt-tipped toes on heels and flats, knee high leather
boots and studded wedges. If you are thinking of gifting a friend with a stunning new
pair of shoes, consider using ShoeDazzle. They offer
lots of showstoppers at prices that will allow you to treat yourself to a pair as well.
After all, indulging yourself in a phenomenal pair of heels and giving a gift without
breaking your budget will make you feel like the world is at your fingertips, or tips of
your toes in this case.
For more extravagant pampering for you and your girlfriends, consider having
a Pinterest party and try out lots of do-it-yourself beauty tips on each other like
funky new nail techniques and hairstyles. Birchbox has lots of different nail polishes
and beauty products that you could use at the soiree. Your girls will enjoy all the
quality chill time and getting to learn useful new tricks and tips to add to their beauty

When all is said and done, with your new look in the New Year, your inner
fashionista will be massively grateful. Adding new styles to your wardrobe will make
you feel amazing. Relish in some luxurious retail therapy, and start this year off with
one fabulous bang.

a huge thank you to Anya Sarre, and till next time, jayj x.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

red or dead.

The Red or Dead event was their 30th anniversary, celebrating a brand that is famous for their fun and quirky take on British fashion. They are a brand that initially started from a Camden market stall in 1982 and have evolved. Staying true to its origin, Red or Dead remains a brand that characterises young British street style, capturing humorous and lively moments through fashion.

In 2003 Specsavers launched the first collection of Read or Dead frames, allowing individuals to showcase their personal style through their eyewear.

In the 1980s footwear was re-worked, introducing chunky heels to what were classic styles of shoes. Their unique creations became a phenomenon, popular amongst celebrities like the Spice Girls and designers such as John Paul Gautier.

Red or Dead will continue to maintain their vibrant creative energy to create unique ideas within the British fashion industry, reminding us that individual style is the best trend.

british fashion is my favourite fashion, jayj x.

Monday, 14 January 2013

quick nail post #6.

Taking a break from all the glitters I had used over the festive season, I felt like going really dark with my nails.
Also, I had a little break from it, but I am falling back in love with matte nails.

NYC - midnight city / rimmel london pro matte finish / MUA - stormy skies

back to black, jayj x.

Monday, 7 January 2013

stefanel ss13.

Late last year I attended some awesome press days where I got to see what new looks and styles fashion would bring us in the new season. Let's look at this post as the first of a mini series.


Stefanel did well in presenting to us a familiar but reformed take on Spring/Summer fashion. Classic trends such as pastels, floral prints and bright colours were transformed using trends that are not necessarily characteristic of this season.
Pairing these highlights with fine knits, bold prints, embellishments and darker colours is a very unique approach. Neutral hues are used as a nice balance, with light and flowy materials used to create unstructured silhouettes.
They experimented with colour when creating their accessories, adding texture for a fresher look. We see softer neon tones paired with leather; a fraction of femininity in a look.

Here are some pictures I took from the day, bringing the descriptions to life.

And finally, my favourite looks from the official lookbook.

 (Images courtesy of Connie Filippello Publicity)

Shop the new collection online at Stefanel, or visit one of their concessions or their boutique on Kings Road, London.

What are your favourite SS13 trends so far?

it's spring in my head, jayj x.