Saturday, 25 August 2012

the body shop - body butters.

There is no other way to describe my feelings towards moisturisers than to say I absolutely LOVE them. I’m one of those people who simply buy moisturisers because they smell nice, or maybe I’ve heard some good things about a particular brand so I will go out and get it. Another reason I buy so many different types is when stores have them on promotion, so I have no choice but to get them.

Recently I’ve mostly been buying facial moisturisers, but that never stops me from getting body lotions…which brings me to the topic of this post. 

One of my all-time favourite brands of body lotions are from The Body Shop, and their body butters are what I always go for. I don’t go through them all that quickly, but every time they are doing an offer or I just smell one that I love I can never walk past the store and not buy one.

 my current collection.

There are many reasons why I always go back to Body Shop for their body butters. There is such a vast range of scents to choose from, so you will always find something that you like, whether it is sweet or fruity. I also love how moisturising they are. I am a big fan of thick moisturisers as I find them to be the most moisturising (I’ve said that word a lot haven’t I? lol.), but body butters are not too thick as is doesn’t take ages to rub them in…I find it very annoying when body lotions are like that. I like how you can get them in a few different sizes too. I either get the big ones (200ml) to have at home, or the smaller ones (50ml) to keep in my handbag.  

I do find them a tad expensive with the RRP of a big tub being £13.00, but as they are often doing half price promotions on them, or sometimes Buy 1 Get 1 Free, then I always take full advantage and stock up on my collection.

passion fruit / lychee blossom / strawberry (200ml)
strawberry / sweet lemon (50ml)

Are you a fan of the body butters? What is your favourite scent?

jayj x.

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