Thursday, 13 September 2012

rita ora - ora.

A lot of us waited years for Rita Ora to release a track…and in 2012 not only did she do that, but we also got an album.

When “Hot Right Now” was released by DJ Fresh featuring Rita Ora, I must admit I was very excited. I loved the sound of her voice in such an upbeat song, and it was incredibly catchy. With the release of “R.I.P.” not too long after I was a tad disappointed. Having heard her sing acoustic covers of different songs, I knew her vocal capability and I thought the production of the song did not do her voice justice.

While listening to ORA for the first time as an album in its entirety, I wanted to keep an open mind as I was not entirely familiar with what genre her sound fit into. I found that “Roc the Life”, “How We Do (Party)” and “Radioactive” had very energetic vibes that left a ‘feel good’ feeling after listening to them. I found that these songs were also lyrically inviting, and while using mostly major tones in these songs, she kept the passion of the sound running through the music.

It was good to hear songs with more melodious tones such as “Shine Ya Light”, “Love and War” feat. J. Cole, and a bonus track on the deluxe edition “Meet Ya”. These songs calmed the tone of the album down a little bit, allowing listeners to appreciate the depth of Miss. Rita’s vocals. From these, and also the more upbeat songs, I came to my own conclusion as to what category of music Rita Ora currently falls into. With a sound that can be very appealing to a range of audiences, along with the soulful touch to her voice, I would say she is very much pop/RnB. I think it is a nice subgenre to fall into, as her sound can then be heard in a lot of different ways.

“Fall in Love” and “Uneasy” I feel are two songs take away from her vocal talents, and they also do not fit into her genre of sound. I think it can be said that no album is completely perfect.  

As a whole, I quite enjoyed the experience of finally hearing an album from a name that I had been familiar with for a while, and I very much look forward to music videos to go with the songs and new material from her in the future.

My favourite songs:

Shine Ya Light

How We Do (Party)

Meet Ya

What did you think of ORA? Are you a fan of her image and her sound?

Catch you later, jayj x.


  1. Lovely post, sweetheart! Thanks so much for shearing, you have a great style! If you get a second, I'd be so glad to hear your thoughts about my latest post :)