Saturday, 29 September 2012

september 'she said beauty' box.

As September is nearly coming to a close, I thought now may be the best time to write my review for the She Said Beauty box I received earlier this month. This has to be my favourite box so far. So many products that I could incorporate into my daily routine were in this box, and it just seems like a lot of thought was put into these items.

I find with these beauty boxes it is not always about the brand. Although people like to receive products from brands that they are familiar with because they feel that they can trust the product, I feel as though discovering new brands is best in the beauty world. Well-known brands come out with a range of items and won’t necessarily have a specialty, where other brands have particular products that they are strictly known for, allowing them to have a niche and a USP about them. 

collection primed&ready primer / popchips / amie cooling clay mask / DHC deep cleansing oil / ginvera green tea exfoliating gel / collection fix me up 

Although it is nice to get a nice wide range of products aimed for different purposes, I do like how the idea of this box is strictly aimed at facial skincare.  

collection fix me up (rrp £5.99) – I’ve never tried a fixing spray before, and before I was going to splash out on something like MAC fix+, I thought it would be best to try another brand first, which is why I was so happy when this appeared in this month’s box. For myself, I found that it did not necessarily make my makeup last longer in the day, but what it did do was stop my face from looking cakey. I also found that my face did not get oily throughout the day, which it normally does, so I may have found a miracle cure for that.

collection primed&ready primer (rrp £5.99) – I’m not so into primers, mainly because I’m too lazy to use them or I often forget, but as this came in the box I made a special effort to use it. I don’t think it is too different to other primers, as I thought it was very similar to the ELF one, but it does the job in creating a smooth surface for makeup to go onto after moisturising.  

DHC deep cleansing oil (rrp £3.50) – I already received this product in the August glossybox, but as I did not review it, now is the time. I’m so used to either cleansing lotions or regular wipes, so when first using this I did not know what to expect. I prefer to use it after I have already used facial wipes as I like how it gives you the deepest clean, and the best thing is you don’t need to use too much product. It really gets any leftover makeup or excess oils off your skin, and it leaves your skin feeling soft. 

amie cooling clay mask (rrp £1.50) – before I received this I had never used a facial mask before. I know!...crazy right? I just never thought I had a use for it and I didn’t feel like it would make any huge differences to my skin. Wrong! After a firm mask has set on your skin, it leaves your face feeling unbelievably soft, and it’s not really temporary either. After washing my face a few times, I feel like the use of the clay was still in full effect. 

All in all I think it was an epic box and I only look forward to what ‘She Said Beauty’ has in store for me next. At an affordable price of £9 (+ £2.95 p&p) I think it is fully worth it and in my opinion, it is the best beauty box available at the moment.

Did you receive this box? Did you receive any other beauty box? What are your recommendations?

In a bit, jayj x.


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  2. Nice products! Too bad there isn't these kind of boxes where I love, no Birch- or Glossybox or something like that..:/ Maybe someday!

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  3. I want to try the SSB Box! What you got looks great, would love to try the collection 2000 products!

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    1. you should most definitely try it...they almost always have some awesome products in the box!


  4. you received some great looking products! :)

  5. This all looks great, hope you enjoy the products! X

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  12. That box looks awesome!

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  13. I've actually never heard of this box, but it looks pretty AMAZING! You got a lot of great goodies :)

    Xoxo Jessica

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