Thursday, 25 October 2012

essie - 'first base' base coat.

Another nail related post...apologies!
This has been a long time coming, but I wanted to review this base coat that I bought a little while back as it is the first base coat that I have ever stuck to using.

essie - 'first base' base coat {tk maxx £4.99 sale}

I have never been one to religiously use a base coat every time I paint my nails and that is mostly due to laziness. I did not go out specifically looking for one, but when I came across this essie one at TK Maxx, I had to grab it (I’m such a sucker for sale items!).

Since I have bought it, I have used it every single time before I apply my nail polish so that I could properly analyse the difference between the results. I instantly noticed three awesome things about it: 

it dries ridiculously quickly. – in this way you don’t need to apply your base coat then wait a minute for it to dry. I find that as soon as I’m done with both my hands I can instantly go ahead and start with my nail colour.
it does not leave your nails shiny. – unlike a top coat, it does not leave a glossy finish. As it dries, it appears as if there is nothing on your nails. It does still leave a smooth surface to apply polish on to…so no gloss is a plus.
it is incredibly lightweight. – it is not like a regular clear polish so it is not as thick as one. It is light and it doesn’t affect the amount of layers of polish that is to go on afterwards.

In terms of lasting power, I did not find that it made my nail polish last a whole lot longer (probably because I change my nail polish so frequently), but I did find that my nail polish did not chip as easily along with the help of my top coat.

Mostly because I have bought it now, I will continue to use this base coat as it has now become part of my nail routine…but I’m always on the search for a new and better brand.

Do you use or know of any good base coats? Do you find that it makes a difference or do you think it is a waste of time?

the nail painter, jayj x.



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  2. Great Post! I actually have this stuff and i've been hooked ever since. I love all of their products now, I guess you can say i'm an essay addict :)


    1. I'm slowly becoming one too!
      their polishes are expensive though so I always look for sales or discounts


  3. I'm a newly Essie convert haha ->
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  4. following you! i've never used a bse coat. thanks for the review. maybe i should start!

  5. thank you so much for your lovely comment. i've just checked out your blog and it's great! very interesting beauty product review!!

  6. Great review, I am definitely trying this! Thanks for the tips! Great blog!

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  7. Nice post!!!
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  8. Great blog topic. I'm happy I found your blog. Thank you for the kind comments.


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    1. I...have no idea. I would assume so, or superdrug as they do essie too
      if not, try someplace online, you'll be sure to find it
      good luck on your search!...and thank you


  10. Great Post. I always have issues finding the right top coat. I'll definitely give this a try! Thanks!