Friday, 14 December 2012

my favourite brushes.

There are items in everyone’s makeup collection that they simply could not do without, and specifically in my case, these are my essential makeup brushes.
I don't wear all that much makeup but using the right tools can help a lot when it comes to the results of the products I use. Using the right brush to apply my foundation or BB cream can create a smooth and flawless look. Carefully adding my eyeliner with a dense flat brush adds definition and depth to my eyes. Applying my powder with the perfect powder brush completes my look effortlessly.

Each step when applying your makeup any time of the day is an important one, and in this post I want to highlight just how important my brushes are and which ones are my favourite for completing my look.

elf Complexion Brush - This for me is simply the perfect brush for powder. It is so soft and fluffy and feels good on the skin.
It is very thick but not hard, so distributing powder on your face is easy to do. The brush can also be held and moulded into other shapes which make it good for applying blush or contouring. Everyone loves a good multi-functional brush!

elf Powder Brush - As someone who has been reading blogs for a long time now, this brush was always featured somewhere on so many people's different blogs, so when I made my first ever elf order, this brush had to be on the list! Although it is called a powder brush, it can be used for various things, and I use it to apply my foundation.
It is a flat-top brush and it is quite dense so I am able to buff my foundation in nicely and it doesn't leave any lines or streaks on the skin.
I use this more specifically for my heavier foundations (MAC Studio Fix, Sleek New Skin Revive) as the brush is dense enough to really smooth the product over the skin evenly.

Superdrug Blending Brush - At the time, this was the most random purchase and I didn't even know what I would necessarily use it for as I am not a big eye shadow wearer. After a long time of not using it at all, I started using it to apply gel eyeliners and cream eye shadows as eyeliners.
It is quite a flat and compressed brush; therefore it is easy to get a lot of product on to it. I also find it very easy to control and I am able to get both thicker and thinner, straight lines above the eye.

MAC 130SE - This came in a set of four which is also my first ever set of MAC brushes. I love that it is a relatively small brush as it makes it perfect for travelling. It is easy to carry and the handle isn't too long.
It is a duo-fibre brush so it is great for stippling as well as buffing the product in. I personally use this for my lighter foundations (Sleek BB Cream, MAC Face & Body) as I feel as though I use less of the product alongside this brush.

Wordy much? haha!

What are your favourite makeup brushes? Any other tools in your makeup bag that you simply couldn't do without?

all made up, jayj x.

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