Friday, 18 January 2013

red or dead.

The Red or Dead event was their 30th anniversary, celebrating a brand that is famous for their fun and quirky take on British fashion. They are a brand that initially started from a Camden market stall in 1982 and have evolved. Staying true to its origin, Red or Dead remains a brand that characterises young British street style, capturing humorous and lively moments through fashion.

In 2003 Specsavers launched the first collection of Read or Dead frames, allowing individuals to showcase their personal style through their eyewear.

In the 1980s footwear was re-worked, introducing chunky heels to what were classic styles of shoes. Their unique creations became a phenomenon, popular amongst celebrities like the Spice Girls and designers such as John Paul Gautier.

Red or Dead will continue to maintain their vibrant creative energy to create unique ideas within the British fashion industry, reminding us that individual style is the best trend.

british fashion is my favourite fashion, jayj x.

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  1. I would most definitely wear those butterfly shorts! I also love the wrapper dress :) pretty amazing!x