Monday, 11 February 2013

accessorize in true blood.

Everybody loves a bit of merchandise, whether it’s for your favourite band, favourite singer, or favourite TV show, a bit of merch is always a good way to show your love and dedication.

True Blood is a popular HBO series about vampires and there has recently been a release of a line of official merchandise that highlight the best moments of the show along with our all-time favourite characters.

Jewellery is my favourite way to accessorize, so when I saw the line of merchandise, I knew exactly what I wanted. Going along the lines of the show, the jewellery is dark and gothic, adding a unique dimension to any outfit.

This necklace is one for the Lafayette lovers. Famous for his flawless eye makeup, crooked businesses and personal connections, he is a very memorable character in the show. The necklace is a gold tone, a perfect addition to the rest of your gold jewellery, and with the slim ball chain necklace, it can be worn casually every day.

Acting as a symbol of the influence of the most politically powerful group of vampires, the Authority, this pendant, that features a deep red stone, demands attention. With its toned down gold brushed metal, it can be worn with both gold and silver jewellery but still stand out amongst them all with its unique motif.


Be sure to click the links if you want to go straight to the website, and also, here is where you will find the entire line of True Blood merchandise. From t-shirts to shot glasses to the comic issues, every fan need is satisfied.

secretly a vampire myself, jayj x.