Wednesday, 20 February 2013

always dress for the occasion.

 A guest post from the Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker, Kaki Read.

These days people are working hard and don’t have time to shop. If you are one of these hardworking executives, you will benefit from the tips we offer. Every woman needs a “go-to” outfit for daytime attire and also for evening attire. When you look good, you will feel even better. Here are some tips and suggestions for how you should dress for the occasion.

You should always be prepared with a daytime outfit because you never know when the moment will arise to meet with someone for an impromptu meeting. In my opinion, every woman should have a basic pair of trousers that can be interchanged with a t-shirt, blouse, or button-up. This basic pair of trousers can be interchanged to make three outfits by changing shoes, scarves, and earrings or by simply adding a cardigan! As always, eyeglasses complete the look. Try adding a pair of stylish and smart frames to your outfit.

 uniqlo shirt / new look trousers / office flats / zagg revolver black matte

These days cardigans can be oversized and adorned with a belt or cardigans can be fitted and a scarf can be added around the neck to dress up the outfit. An oversized sweater with leggings and booties is also a great way to go.

If you want to be more casual, try a pair of flats or sneakers. Dress up the outfit with a pair of wedges or stilettos. Either way, you will be fashion-forward and beautiful!

 boy london jumper / h&m jeans / topshop trainers / chandler whiskey tortoise

Every woman should be prepared for the evening. A nice black cocktail dress is a good idea to have in the closet. If you like the androgynous look, you can even wear tuxedo pants, suspenders, a nice button up shirt, and a tie. When you wear a fedora and stilettos, you will be the talk of the party even without wearing a dress! It’s a great way to shake up the monotony. Don't be afraid to step away from the norm!

A nice pair of long pearls can be added to the ensemble to add contrast to the outfit. With your hair tied back, you will look like you just stepped out of a high fashion magazine. The look can be delicate and feminine or edgy and masculine depending on the person’s preference. Oh, by the way, a pair of glasses with thick frames will make the look complete!

Don’t be afraid to interchange the pieces of your ensemble. You can increase the longevity of your wardrobe just by using ingenuity. Try it! You’ll be amazed by your creativity.

 A very big thank you to Kaki Read and everyone at Warby Parker. I absolutely love their line of frames as they have one for every personality and every occasion. I will most definitely be adding a pair to my collection, care to join me?

I hate contact lenses, jayj x.

words: Kaki Read
images: myself
guest post*

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