Tuesday, 25 June 2013

what's in my handbag? - my first purchase.

I made my first ever purchase on WIMH just a few weeks ago, and having just heard about this website not too long ago, I do love the idea behind it.

I decided to play it safe on my first order, but seeing as I needed to re-stock my Seche Vite top coat, I thought I'd jump on it as it was such a good price.

 the packaging - I love how unique it is and they put a label with your name on it. It shows time and effort put into each order.

 2 Seche Vite Top Coats - £14.95 (with a free Travalo worth £10)

With the different 'trys' and offers that they always have running on the website for members, it will most definitely be a website that I go to for any new or essential beauty products.

you've seen what's in my handbag, what's in yours? jayj x.

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