Monday, 7 April 2014

april beauty wish list.

It's not too often that I make a specific wish list, but I feel as though the beauty junkie in me has taken over and there are so many products that I simply just NEED.

I've got three main aims at the moment that I wish to achieve with my skin:
  • make my skin feel/look smooth
  • keep my t-zone oil-free during the day
  • maintain full and flawless coverage for the whole day

So with that, I have compiled a list of things that I feel would be good for me to try.
To help maintain the balance of moisture in my skin, it sounds crazy, but I've heard that putting oil on your skin can help do just that. So using the NUDE progenius after cleansing at night, I'm hoping will help with the oil that produces on my t-zone throughout the day. Along with this, in the morning as my daily moisturiser I can either use the Clinique moisturizing gel or the Superfacialist mattifying moisturiser. I've used mattifying moisturisers in the past, but nothing that has made a significant difference, and I have read that gel formulas are better for oily skin and keeping the skin matte under makeup. To finish up my routine, I can mix the highly concentrated Kevyn Aucoin skin enhancer with the Becca matte skin foundation to give me fuller but more natural looking coverage and even out my skin tone.

...and I've just convinced myself that I need to have ALL of these products as part of my skincare routine.

Have you tried any of these and would you recommend them? Any other products that you think I could you for my current skin concerns?
I have expensive taste in skincare, jayj x.

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  1. lovely products :)

  2. Amazing post!

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