Monday, 21 April 2014

spring/summer watch wish list.

It's definitely that time of year when everyone is wanting to prepare their Spring/Summer wardrobes by buying new pieces to go with the new season. I'm not someone who personally does this as I wear mostly dark colours the whole year round, but what I do like to do is change up my accessories and the way that I put my outfits together.

Saying this, I am currently lusting after watches like crazy! I feel like designers have launched new styles that can be classy but different and I always love something with a bit of an edge.
Tresor Paris Precision Chronograph / Swarovski Octea Classica / Karl Lagerfeld Karl 7 / Vivienne Westwood Kensington / Swatch Charcoal Medal Rose

Also, this amazingness I tried on at a Tresor Paris event recently!

I can always justify spending a bit more money on my accessories as I tend to drift towards timeless pieces that never really go out of style.

I'm hoping to get one soon so what are your thoughts? Which one is your favourite? Any other recommendations?

never not watching watches, jayj x.

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  1. Nice watches! Love the first one! :-)

    Please take a minute to check out my blog

    1. the new Tresor watches are AMAZING! and the whole collection is available to buy this month so I'm super excited.

      thanks for dropping by!

  2. These are lovely.

    I rarely ever buy watches because I'm constantly glued to my phone.

    xo, N

    1. haha, me too! They are amazing fashion accessories though.