Friday, 31 October 2014

christmas shopping all on one app.

I'm not really one who's hot on Halloween, so I thought I'd use this as the perfect time to start on my Christmas shopping.

I like to get things for people that are a bit unique, not generic things that you'd find in regular high street know, something different. It can be one of THE hardest things to do, so if there is anything that will make it that bit easier, I'll take it.

So imagine different types of businesses from different countries put their products on one app where you can shop. You can choose from several categories including shoes, jewellery and gadgets and it will show you the different items available wherever they may be in the world.

And seeing as it's Christmas, here's a little wish list of some cool things I'd like to receive.

Be sure to find all of this and more on the Tictail app, and if you have your own business, you can even set it up and sell your stuff on there!

Are there any other apps you're using for Christmas shopping?

no fuss, jayj x.

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