Tuesday, 24 July 2012

chris brown - F.O.R.T.U.N.E.

So, after a week or so after the release of the album, I finally got around to downloading Chris Brown’s new album ‘F.O.R.T.U.N.E.’. After the release of the first single ‘Turn Up the Music’, I swore that I would try not to listen to any of the other songs until the album was officially out…I like the excitement, I’m sad like that :)

After the first single, I was expecting pumped up tunes, a bunch of songs that you could just break down and dance to. I have to say…I was a bit disappointed. Personally, when it comes to my music, I like things to be upbeat and exciting. I’ve never been one to like slow RnB songs. Although we can never knock how beautiful Mr. Brown’s voice is, I wasn’t feeling the entire album.

It did have some strong points, and I am most definitely glad that I heard it in its entirety. Songs such as ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ and ‘2012’ reminded me of his talent and how he can adapt to different types of sounds. Hearing new RnB albums is a strong reminder of how much music as a whole has changed…but I guess we all have to move with the times.
Although I didn’t enjoy the album completely, I did take away some awesome songs from it and I can say that my top 3 favourite songs are:

Turn Up the Music

Till I Die (featuring Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean)

Trumpet Lights (featuring Sabrina Antoinette)

Did you like the album? What are your favourite tracks?

Till next time, jayj x.

Ps. I loved the deluxe edition album cover. The simplicity of it made it just that much more awesome.

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