Sunday, 2 September 2012


My all time favourite tv series is probably Charmed! I remember never wanting to miss an episode during my early teens...calling my friends during the break to discuss what we just saw...good times!

I was with my two best friends when an episode of Charmed came on at like 4am and I remembered how much I loved the show.
...a few weeks later, I have the entire box set.
Life is complete.

What was your favourite series as a teen? What's your favourite series now?

share :) jayj x.


  1. You remind me of good times, I loved charmed too! Cole was my favourite and the love story between him and Phoebe was so sad. Who was your favourite?, xoxo.

    1. Aaah cool :)
      I wanna say Paige was my favourite...I liked how she came to be one of them
      x x

  2. I loved Charmed! I would defo say as a teen it would have been season 3 but now it would have to be season 4. I miss it :(