Sunday, 11 November 2012

new glasses.

So I recently received a pair of glasses from an online company called Firmoo, and after wearing them for a short while I have to say I love them!
large frames* - firmoo
For a long time now, I have wanted a pair of big, 'nerd' style glasses, but with my prescription in it so I would still be able to see! After seeing this website, I saw that as well as very reasonable prices, they had such a wide range of different glasses to choose from.

One feature that I loved about the website is the way in which you can search for different frames. As well as gender categories, you can search for particular styles of glasses, sizes, colours and materials. This just makes the process a lot easier, especially if you already know what types of glasses you tend to wear or are looking for. Also, as someone who has only ever bought glasses at a physical store, having a lot of information about the physical appearance of the frames is very helpful.
After ordering them, delivery only took 6 days! Considering they had to put my prescription into the lenses and everything, the speed is a major plus for me.
Although I wear my glasses all the time, I am not too keen on spending too much money on them as I can be quite clumsy with them sometimes, so I needed something simple, sturdy and reliable...perfect.

Firmoo is a company that offers its services for free as they have a first-time buyers program. This allows customers to own their first pair of glasses from Firmoo for free, only paying for the shipping.
I will most definitely be going back on this website as it seems they update their stock quite regularly. Next time...sunglasses maybe?

What's your favourite style of glasses? Where do you get yours from?

a fellow four-eyes, jayj x.


  1. Nice glasses!!!

  2. oh wow! they so pretty! and they suit u well.

  3. nice glasses! they look great on you :)

    i wear a pair by Roxy, i only suit small frames lol!

    Following from the bbloggers blog hop :)