Monday, 30 September 2013

my body shop experience.


I recently paid a visit to my local Body Shop as they were doing a special event evening. Members of the loyalty card got a discount on top of any current promotions in the store as well as a free gift. I am a huge fan of thier body butters and I am constantly stocking up when they have sales and promotions, but surprisingly enough, I didn't have a loyalty card.


As well as wanting to try out something from their new Honeymania collection, I was also on the hunt for some new skincare, so I took this opportunity to go into store and try my luck. 
I have to say, the girls in the store that day were AMAZING. I had three girls telling me about a whole range of different products; telling me about their experiences, explaining how they would benefit my skin and letting me test out the products. I didn't feel as though they were pushing me to buy products (which I hate!), but they were genuinely asking about that type of skin I had and what problems I had with my skin, then using this information to recommend products from different ranges within the store. 

I did end up signing up to the Love Your Body rewards card and getting a bunch of stuff so I thought I'd also do a little haul.

honeymania body butter - £13 £6.50 / tea tree night lotion - £9 / vitamin c microdermabrasion - £13 / tea tree facial wash - £5 free

And these were my free gifts:

chocomania body scrub - £12.50 free / vitamin e moisture mask - £12 free / vitamin c face spritz - £9 free

As this is my first time really using a lot of Body Shop skincare products, I'm very eager to try all of them and see what the results are.

Do you use Body Shop skincare? Would you recommend their products? How is your Body Shop experience?

the skincare junkie, jayj x.

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