Thursday, 21 November 2013

justin bieber - the key.

justin bieber the key 100ml - £39*

As we're now in the autumn/winter season, I've been steering clear of fresh, fruity scents...I find them to be more suitable for the summertime. Instead, I'm attracted to more mature scents, and believe it or not, Justin Bieber makes me smell grown and sexy.

'The Key', inspired by unlocking Justin's connection to his fans, is made up of floral, spice and wood notes. With strong hints of jasmine and vanilla, it is a sophisticated scent that lingers on the skin. This is most definitely my signature scent for this season.


The bottle itself is also very minimal, made up simply of white and gold. It also holds the key charm that Justin is known to always wear.

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber's scents? What's your signature scent this autumn/winter?

the secret's out...I'm a Belieber, jayj x.

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