Monday, 27 April 2015

workwear: dorothy perkins.

Sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration when it comes to outfits for specific purposes, and sometimes, we also don't want to have to look absolutely everywhere to get a whole outfit.

With that, I give you a new 'series' to my blog...brand focus.
I focus on a specific brand or website, and tackle a specific fashion dilemma with my favourite finds from their site. Simples.

First up is workwear and I decided to head to an old favourite of mine, Dorothy Perkins.
Looking through my wardrobe, I have noticed that a lot of my smarter and more work appropriate pieces have been from DP, and with interviews and generally work being something I always have to be prepared for, I headed to the site to get a little inspiration.


This spring/summer, we want to be able to inject a little colour into our work wardrobes. By mixing traditional pieces with slightly more casual items I feel as though it creates the perfect balance for a professional yet relaxed setting.

Do you like to shop anywhere specifically for workwear? 

Keeping it as casual as it can possibly be, jayj x.

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