Friday, 11 September 2015

about a year or so ago... - london fashion week.

With LFW literally a week away, I thought it was only right to reflect on some of the trends that we saw this time last year. Remember the shows in September are for Spring/Summer the following the following images are trends that you should have been incorporating into your wardrobes recently. (This is also a nice way to remember how summer was and not how it currently is...crappy British weather!)

KTZ - Felder Felder

Dark Summers - I think we are more than used to seeing anything out of the ordinary, and that was definitely the case this summer with black being the statement colour. With this, we were able to play with a whole heap of trends and mess with different textures in our outfits. Black sheer tops enabled us to graciously layer on any colder days while staying true to the season, and harsher leather materials lead us to take risks with more revealing pieces. 
It's always good to see that there is never a wrong time to wear an all-black outfit...just be a little more adventurous with it. (note taken.)

Holly Fulton - Mother of Pearl

Printed - Seeing as I am queen of basic, I am probably the worst person to speak on this, but I literally love prints on clothes! Especially when it is those weird, symmetrical, graphic prints. Added to our little dark summers trend, it is the most interesting way to make a minor outfit major. We saw a whole load of printed co-ords this summer which I did not entirely hate (Adidas had some dope ones), which was a witty way to play on some of the more classic summer trends such as pastels and florals.

I normally hate Spring/Summer fashion, but last year completely changed the game for me and I'm excited to see what some of my favourite designers will come up with this time around. NYFW kicked off yesterday, and I must say, so far so good...

 See you at fashion week, jayj x.

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